Daniel M. Wenk


After graduating with a Fine Arts degree in Visual Communications and Illustration from Northern Illinois University I held several jobs as a graphic designer and desktop publisher. While working as a Marketing Specialist at a Joliet Junior College in the early 1990s, I turned my attention to a new communication medium, The World Wide Web. I quickly became an expert in HTML, Web Design and Internet Marketing. My art degree also helped me create aesthetically pleasing yet functional web pages.  Soon after, I was recruited as an instructor with Prosoft.com, the first training company to offer a certification in Web Design. This position furthered my knowledge of many other web design languages, authoring tools and current communication strategies. I continued to teach and design web sites on my own until I was hired by the Walt Disney Company and held various Communications, Technical, Design and Project Management roles. I have become the mythical "unicorn" of I.T.. A person who is a great developer AND designer. I left Disney to become a Senior Analyst in Communications for The Verizon Bill to Cash & Fraud teams. I developed and managed the Verizon Fraud Internal Web Site called Fraud Central. I was responsible for the design, graphics and communications delivered to the site. Currently I am a Senior Web Developer at Joliet Junior College, back where I began by career in Web Development.
    I am experienced in managing all internal and external messaging throughout organizations. I have supervised communications staff, including public relations, media relations and community relations team members to ensure adequate and appropriate messaging. I have worked closely with top executives to ensure messaging is projected to organizational standards, throughout all possible resources.
    Over 20 years creating the look, layout and features of websites. I understand both graphic design and computer programming equally. Once I create a website I am capable to maintain, enhance and optimize the site using data collected from analytics from a variety of available tools. I am able to work closely with development teams or managers to keep the sites up-to-date and prioritizing needs, and updating back-end technology..
    Accustomed to making semantic mark-ups and transforming static pages into interactive working web browser pages. Competent in programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, ActionScript, HTML, CSS and more depending on what is needed to get the job done
  4. Graphic Design
    What can I say, creating design solutions that have a high visual impact is what began my career. I can apply my talent to a huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, product packaging, displays, corporate communications and corporate identity, i.e. giving organizations a visual 'brand'. I have up-to-date knowledge of industry software and always have a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.
My Skills
  • Drupal8
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JAVASCRIPT ( W3C Certified)
    • FLASH
    • WORD
    • EXCEL
    • VISIO
I am the mythical "unicorn". A person who is a great developer AND designer. I am part of a  rare breed and incredibly useful to any team that has the pleasure of working with me.